People Power-up ⚡ 

People Power-up is a series of free bitesize sessions for people teams. Delivered by expert business psychologists and people development specialists, we zero in on the big challenges of organisations today. 

This year, we are focusing on line management.

Effective line management is paramount to business success. Yet, 90% of new managers feel unequipped for their roles. 

If manager development is on your radar this year, these sessions are for you. 


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Thursday Feb 22nd (10:00am -10:30am) 

Join leading Business Psychologist Sandra Ordel as she shares the must-know strategies to close the manager skills gap and develop high-performing, people-centric managers. 

Future sessions


Coming soon - Date TBC

Over 40% of workplaces operate under a hybrid work pattern. Yet managers rarely receive training on how to effectively lead a hybrid team. Explore the role that people teams play in setting managers up for success. 


Coming soon - Date TBC

Manager burnout is on the rise. Left unchecked, the effects can be devastating - both for the manager and their team. Discover practical ways people teams can create a healthy and sustainable management culture. 


Coming soon - Date TBC

 A shocking 71% of employees have encountered toxic management styles at some point. Over time, this deeply undermines team performance and wellbeing. Discover how to address toxic management in your workplace.


Coming soon - Date TBC

The business landscape is defined by change and uncertainty. To succeed, organisations need change ready managers who can effectively lead their teams. In this session, we explore practical strategies to make this a reality.