Measuring employee resilience

The Wraw psychometric measures employee resilience. It provides robust data to support targeted workplace wellbeing initiatives for the individual, for teams and leaders and for the whole organisation. 

5 Pillars summative scores

Our Wraw Reports supported a very open and honest discussion about how we behave as individuals and as a team, and more importantly, the environment we create for our workforce. 

Clare Sloman - AstraZeneka

The 5 pillars-2

The 5 Pillars of Resilience

The Wraw psychometric assessment is built upon a scientifically validated, evidence-based model, The 5 Pillars of Resilience.

The 5 Pillars of Resilience measures 3 key dimensions of resilience: physical, psychological and social. It gives a holistic understanding of the mindset and behaviours that support wellbeing and underpin performance.

The data from Wraw allows me to engage with employees on a much deeper level. We work together to identify achievable action plans to increase resilience and support wellbeing.

Samantha Evans - Kelly Services

Wraw Reports

Wraw generates a range of reports that give a comprehensive analysis of resilience throughout an organisation. 


Snapshot Report

Top line insight into an individual’s current levels of resilience


Individual Report

A detailed profile of an individual’s resilience across 5 key pillars.


Team Report

Top line insight into an individual’s current levels of resilience


Leader Report

Feedback on how a leader supports team wellbeing.


Organisation Report

A strategic overview of workforce resilience across an organisation.

Wraw Technical Manual

To find out more about the robust-evidence base of Wraw, download the technical manual. 


wraw technical manual